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Tara Reed X Cloud 9 Fabrics

Updated: Apr 9

Tara has enjoyed collaborating with Cloud 9 for 3 fabric collections. 

Her debut collection, “Comforts of Home,” is a collection inspired by the simple things that can soothe one's soul. From mood boosting pets and greenery to vibrant citrus scents and healthy foods. This collection is a celebration of creating a calming space for self care. 

In her second collection, “Mystery at Moonstone Manor,” she was able to delve into a different side of herself. This celebrated collection is a nod to the Nancy Drew books Tara has been collecting since she was a little girl. Diving into those mysteries was always just the escape she needed. This Halloween collection is for all the mystery lovers out there who love those eerie, moody vibes all year round.

Her newest collection, “Secret of the Oracle,”  which celebrates all things mysterious, mystical, and witchy, is set to release in September of 2024. 

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