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Insider Tips for Success with Print-on-Demand for Artists

I recently had the privilege to speak with two of my favorite creative powerhouses - Fleur Crawford of and Ryann Scrafford of . Together they form the amazing team behind the Creative Studio Collective - a vibrant community where they share tons of knowledge with fellow creatives. Part of the value they add is doing Roundtable talks with industry professionals. Here's where I come in!

As the former Artist Community Manager of , I have tons of valuable insight to share about how to succeed on the platform. I have seen artists skyrocket their sales and make a living using Spoonflower. Inside this roundtable are interviews from top fabric suppliers Hawthorne Supply Co, Carriage House Printery, and other industry makers and professionals. They have added amazing insight on what they are looking for when artists submit work to them. This insider access guide is just $199 and such an incredible resource. Click below for more info:

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